Les marchés de Noël

Bournel 2 décembre 10h00 – 17h00 Creysse 3 déc 14h 4 déc 10-17 Salle des Fêtes 10 Déc La Filature de Belvès 14h – 17h 11 Déc toute la journée – Le Bugue 24260 Rue de Paris Association Inter-Professionnelle Du Pays Buguois 17th Dec Duravel 46700 toute la journée La Mairie première étage

Sophie in glycine

Not white or cream but a lilac coloured baby shawl

Un châle bébé blanc ? Non, un châle lilas Sophie had a nice first birthday.    She’s Dutch and she has very good taste as she’s sitting wrapped in her new shawl.  I think that the wysteria colour of the mohair seems to suit her! Fijne verjaardag  *   Happy Birthday   *  Bon anniversaire

Duet – Lemon shawls wrapping twins

The newly born twins These little chicks are underneath a square mohair shawl.  The colour is inspired by sunrise yellow and with a pale lemon binding.  They are starting life in comfort.     I am proud to have made two baby shawls for Lily and Gina