Pattern making assisted by a computer

Designaknit 9 instruction


I took a course in French with Jacqueline Berthes at L’atelier du tricot. It was via Skype.  Jacqueline’s software was the French version, mine the English, it made things more interesting.   We got there.   Having had an ankle op it was great to be able to learn something in a structured way from home.

notebook course designaknit9

The really priceless things one learns are classic design tips. For example, that the back neckline must not be lower than the shoulder line or that the back neckline is flat along 70% of its width.  Do you remember this from the course last summer Jacqueline asked ?  That was on pattern making by hand. Hopefully next time, yes.   I filled up a whole notebook for the 17 hr course.

I love the words in French and in English.

Some words are in the hand knitting patterns which occasionally you have to study. Others are  defined in Designaknit.

Les mots comme L’encolure, l’emanchure, rabattre, racourci, vêtement cintré; encolure; raglan (that one is the same), l’embu aisance-  mise en forme.  Some are essential like when finding how deep the front neckline is – that information is in the hand knitting pattern, under ‘devant – encolure’.

wordcloud designaknit tuiton jacqueline