Virtual Vogue knitting Live!

Vogue virtual knitting live!  July 15-18  It’s not all bad with Covid when an event is now accessible from the sitting room armchair. 

Back in Feb 2021 I took part in a workshop called ‘Classic hems for your machine knitted sweater’ The New York tutor gave me a bit of a shock at the beginning trying to remember something I never use, a single bed cast on – but I soon caught the rhythm.  Now there’s another virtual Vogue event – hurray! 

There are thirty five teachers there in July

It is good to know that we can adapt with Covid to meet up in virtual space. 

This scalloped edge is from a workshop with Olgalyn Jolly

I’ve also bought Olgalyn’s  online course about how to cut and knit sweater although  I’ve already done this myself using a Metbury design.  You think you shouldn’t cut into wool but with a good zigzag anything is possible