Une visite à la Ferme de Pouzatel

In February I visited La Ferme de Pouzatel (Instagram lafermedepouzatel) to see the angora goats that Rose and Mario are breeding for their wool, mohair. I hope to make my shawls using this local wool. It will be spun at La Filature de Bardine

They have 19 baby goats from ten female goats, they all had twins. This is very unusual. As well as being a very exciting project it is an animal sanctuary, with over 50 animals including different goats, a pig, donkeys and dogs.

Je suis allée a la Ferme de Pouzatel. Les chèvres d’angora ont le meilleur mohair. Nous avons discuté la possibilité d’avoir un projet de fabrication. Ils vont avoir leurs laines fillées pour mes châles. Je vais les faits sur mes machines à tricoter.