You know it’s only just begun

Filature de BelvesHow to learn something new – read a book and break through. How to knit something mean – buy a Passap knitting machine

I just can’t stay away

Here in Fonguaffier, Sagelat I am at La Filature de Belves an ancient mill with the old machines still in situ.

I have bought a 1980s knitting machine, that is, a Passap E6000. I drove it here to South West France from the North of England. It belonged to Teresa Hassett who has been using them since the 1970s. I was glad to buy from someone who knows enough about them to sell me a solid machine.

Although there are lots of instruction, assembling and operational manuals online, to say nothing of patterns, first and foremost I have managed it because of people’s help and knowledge on the forums, such as Facebook’s Passap Anonymous group.

I tried making a jumper with a downloadable book that was mentioned ‘Getting started on an E6000 ‘by Phyllis Moran . It can be downloaded from Yahoo groups PassapPeople under files, and was useful for the technique, seeing some patterns and how to enter them.

I also want to thank Maggie Bloice for countless tips, support, ideas, links, comments and direction for buying. I visited her last year in Brittany.theknittingmuseum maggi

Maggi showed me how to make socks and jumpers.

Mean and clean